Arson Evidence Bags
Arson Evidence Bags
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Arson Evidence Bags

Nylon won’t deteriorate over time from the solvents often found in accelerants, a problem which may occur if accelerant-soaked items are packaged in plastic bags. Suspected evidence with accelerant contamination can be placed in these clear nylon bags and heat sealed with our Custom or Impulse Bag Sealer, or folded and taped securely shut with evidence tape or seals. The nylon material permits easy marking on the outside of the bag with a standard marking pen.


  • Long life Nylon construction
  • Holds accelerant evidence without permeation in long-term storage
  • See-through bag allows contents to be viewed without opening the container
  • Can be heat sealed or folded and taped
  • Notations can be made on outside of bag using a standard marking pen