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About Forensics Source

Forensics Source™ is the trusted brand for quality products and equipment to ensure forensics investigators have the tools to protect, preserve and analyze a crime scene environment. Offering a wide collection of the finest forensics products Forensics Source combines its full range of products from its own brands –  EVI-PAQ®, Identicator®, Lightning Powder® and Nik® Public Safety – with essential equipment and supplies from other trusted suppliers.

Each of our brands are unique in their own identity and history, but they all serve as flagship products of an extensive line of offerings that make us the world’s premier provider of supplies and equipment for professionals in forensics, crime scene investigation, lab technicians, law enforcement officers and criminal justice and corporate security professionals

Identicator products are clean, cost-effective and simple to use. Products include Touch Signature® Fingerprint Pads, Perfect Print® Fingerprinting Ink and Perfect Print Fingerprint Ink Strips. Identicator has been providing the highest-quality fingerprinting products for law enforcement agencies, businesses, government, the military and leading financial, retail and service institutions worldwide since 1971.

Lightning Powder products have been the most trusted and respected fingerprinting supplies in the forensics industry since 1936. Products include legendary Lightning Powder®, Breakaway Evidence and Security Tape and Zephyr® brushes.  All Lightning Powder products are known for their reliability and quality and are backed by decades of use in the most demanding forensic applications worldwide.

EVI-PAQ products are both innovative and practical.  Products include Versa-Cones, ID Tents, Trajectory Laser Kits and Evidence Boxes that have become industry standards with crime scene technicians who demand the best from their equipment.

NIK® Public Safety offers agencies the most precise and accurate narcotics field identification kits, specimen and evidence collection kits, disposable restraints and tamper-resistant evidence tape available in the industry.  Flex-Cuf® Restraints, Master-Pac®, Cocaine ID Swabs and Tamper Guard® Evidence Tape are just a few of the high-quality offerings included in the NIK Public Safety family of products.

Forensics Source is a part of The Safariland Group of brands.  The Safariland Group has supported the men and women in law enforcement by providing the most technologically advanced protective gear and equipment for more than 55 years to ensure their safety.

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