Tape Measures with Steel Blades
Tape Measures with Steel Blades
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Tape Measures with Steel Blades

These tape measures feature both metric and feet/inch measurement markings. The 26’ (8m) tape has a clip for attaching it to your belt, waist band or clipboard. The 12’ (13.7m) and 26’ (8m) tapes also have an automatic rewind. The industrial sized 100’ (30m) tape has a hand crank to rewind the tape back into the unit. There is a lifetime guarantee by the manufacturer on the yellow, coated steel blade. The Pro-SL Self-Locking Tape, 36’ (11m), is self-locking with top and bottom brake releases, and double-sided print blades. The English/Metric reverse side blade reads vertically for added convenience and versatility


  • Belt Clip
  • Coated Steel Blade