ABFO No. 2 Photomacrographic Scale
ABFO No. 2 Photomacrographic Scale
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ABFO No. 2 Photomacrographic Scale

Designed by the American Board of Forensic Odontology (ABFO), this scale has become the standard for bitemark measurement and photography. The incorporation of three circles is useful in helping to compensate for distortion resulting from oblique camera angles. Graduations are all metric except for the width of the legs, which are 1" wide. The 1cm division lines are traced and extended across the photographic print to grid an image. Measurements within the image are then made relative to these inscribed 1cm grid lines to compensate for any distortion resulting from nonparallelism between the film and the object planes.


  • Rigid, 1mm thick L-shaped laminated plastic Millimeter markings accurate to 0.1mm or better
  • Overall size is 105mm x 105mm
  • Gray areas have a reflectance value of approximately 18%
  • Alternating black and white bars (1cm) permit measurements from grossly over- and under-exposed photographs.