Basic Latent Print Kit
Basic Latent Print Kit
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Basic Latent Print Kit

This basic latent print kit is packed in an oversized box, so there is room to add additional supplies. The latent print brush is stored in a protective tube and held by a clip inside the lid. The tape and Bi-Chromatic™ fingerprint powder are held in a fitted insert. This kit is available with either a camelhair brush or the standard Zephyr® Fiberglass Brush. 1 – Kit Box C contains: Bi-Chromatic Powder, 29g (2oz.); Zephyr Brush; Clear Lifting Tape, 3.8cm x 9.1m (1 1/2" x 360"); White Backing Cards, Pack of 100; Fitted Compartmentalized Insert


  • Large box container
  • Secure storage
  • Easy to carry