Model 300 Crime Scene Kit
Model 300 Crime Scene Kit
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Model 300 Crime Scene Kit

This is the ultimate crime scene kit. Segmented into separate tasks, this kit will allow you to dust for latent prints on nearly any surface using the included standard and magnetic latent print powders, as well as develop latent prints using fluorescent powders on difficult surfaces and backgrounds. The included ultraviolet light source assists in fluorescent latent print development and searches for physical evidence. Elimination fingerprints can be recorded with the included Porelon® pad and cardholder and evidence labels and tapes are included to assist in collecting and documenting evidence. Each kit is self-contained in a sturdy polypropylene kit box so they stay separated and clean, preventing contamination, as well as allowing you to easily distribute the workload at the crime scene.


  • Standard and magnetic latent print powders
  • Fluorescent powders
  • Ultraviolet light source
  • Porelon® pad
  • Sturdy polypropylene kit box