PoliLight-Flare® Plus 2 Kits
PoliLight-Flare® Plus 2 Kits
$6,008.75 — $17,469.50
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PoliLight-Flare® Plus 2 Kits

The Polilight-Flare® Plus 2 is the next-generation forensics light source that features brighter light, longer battery life and a higher rejection rate of outside illumination.

Each unit is controlled by a reed switch that is easily accessible by the thumb while gripping the light. The rotating reed switch controls on/ off, intensity (5 steps) and strobing as well as a safety lock for transport.

State of the art LEDs produce the brightest light on the market. The UV head produces 2450mw and the 415nm light produces 650mw of light. The beams are collimated with a 5° divergent filter to produce a seamless beam of light. Additional divergent filters can be added to provide a wider range of light beam choices to meet the needs of today’s forensics scientist.


All kits include a carry case with chargers, 4 beam shaping filters, charging cables, goggles and a manual.

  • Continuous output power – 200-300 minutes at full power, 1440-2000 minutes at low power 
  • 2x battery life for Lithium-Ion battery
  • 20% weight reduction over previous model, 25 oz (700 g)
  • Built-in battery for better durability

Additional Features: 

  • High output white light, 3300 lumens 
  • Seven forensic light bands and two infrared bands 
  • No memory effects on batteries 
  • Self-discharge time of one year at full charge (when stored and not in use) 
  • Built-in battery circuitry 
  • Water tight and submersible (white light to 330 feet) 
  • Infrared light

Two-Head Kit, UV and 450nm

 Four-Head Kit, White, UV, 415nm, 450nm 

Eight-Head Kit, White, UV, 415nm, 450nm, 525nm, 530nm, 545nm, 630nm