SwabTek™ Dry Explosives Swab Test, Box of 100
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SwabTek™ Dry Explosives Swab Test, Box of 100

SwabTek’s Dry Explosive Test Kit is designed to presumptively identify precursors used in the manufacture of improvised explosives.

 Since the kit uses a treated cotton swab, it can be used to test for explosives residue and precursor material on any surface without a visible sample. This allows the user to test any surface suspected to have come in contact with explosives material, including chemicals, devices, tabletops, and hands.

 Simple, intuitive, and safe, the test contains no acids, carcinogens or toxic liquids — eliminating any potential risk to the user during testing. SwabTek's dry-paper technology allows for seamless integration into existing screening procedures in any environment, from airports and stadiums to border crossings and even mailrooms.

 Samples may be commercial-grade explosives that are generally stabilized as firm wax-like solid or in sheet, cord form and in Home Made Explosives (HME) that may be in powder, paste, liquefied, or combinations of all three. All samples will vary in color and odor.


  • Nitroaromatics: TNT, DNT, TNB, DNB, Tetryl
  • Nitrates: ANFO, ANIS, ANAL, ANNM, Black-powders, UNIS, NaNO3, KNO3, UreaNO3, AmmoniumNO3
  • Nitro-amines: HMX, RDX, SEMTEX, C4, C2 Sheet explosive, DATASHEET, SHOTCORD
  • Nitro-esters: NG, PETN, EGDN, Nitrocellulose, and Gunshot Residue Analysis
  • Oxidizers Peroxides, MEKP, Hydrogen Peroxide, TATP, HMTD, Poor-man’s C4, Chlorates, Bromates


          Three phases of detection:


          • TNT
          • DNT
          • Etc.

          Nitrogen Chemicals

          • Nitrates
          • Nitroamines
          • Nitroesters


          • Hydrogen Peroxide
          • Chlorate

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