SwabTek™ THC Test Kit, Box of 100
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SwabTek™ THC Test Kit, Box of 100

SwabTek’s THC Test Kit is designed to presumptively test for Total THC concentration in samples. This test is sold in boxes of 100 only.

The test kit can be used on solid plant samples, as well as cannabis extracts (oils, creams, etc.) If a sample is suspected of containing cannabinoids or is confirmed to contain cannabinoids, the SwabTek THC Test can be used to presumptively indicate whether the sample contains a Total THC concentration above or below the 0.3% threshold that distinguishes marijuana from hemp.

Note: The SwabTek THC Test Kit requires a heating implement to activate the reagents to gain a result. It is recommended that a USB-style mini hair straightener be utilized. This utensil can be found at most department and beauty supply stores.

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