EVI-PAQ® Cut-Out ID Tents
EVI-PAQ® Cut-Out ID Tents
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EVI-PAQ® Cut-Out ID Tents

The patented design of these unique crime scene markers makes them the most convenient evidence markers available. Each marker features two 3" x 3" surfaces and a third horizontal surface featuring a distinctive 1 3⁄4" cut-out printed with a metric reference scale, creating a useful L-shaped metric reference scale that can be used to frame evidence and act as a useful photographic reference. The inclusion of a scale allows for perpendicular photo angle or wall photos. Each scale includes a set of photo cross hairs to help correct parallax. Each ID Tent features a centered holes for wall mounting or elevated field use. Crime scene flags or sticks may be used to anchor the markers in unstable conditions and provide additional visibility to the tent. Made of durable plastic and stackable for compact, easy storage.


  • Made of durable plastic
  • Cut-out design simplifies measurements of shell casings and other small evidence
  • Dual face markers with metric scales
  • Stackable for compact, easy storage